Episode 6 – Vaccines and Kanye


Hello, all!


-Have you ever been blackballed like Kanye West for sticking up for what you believe in?


-Thank you for choosing to listen to the podcast. It is episode 6 and I feel as if I have minimized the sos and buts already! Thank you for listening during these first episodes as each episode I get just a little better at podcasting.


-Today I had planned to talk about topics that interested me and current articles posted on Drudge, but last night provided that hiccup. My wife lost her best friend due to my wife standing up for what she believes in. We have decided not to vaccinate our child and the fallout for this decision has been difficult. Before last night, we found that the choice to not vaccinate our son was rather easy and although most people around us did not agree, we still found them to be loving towards us. This changed, however, as her closest friend decided that she did not want to be friends anymore as my wife was a danger to her daughter.


-I discuss this fallout, how my wife is handling it, and how this all relates on a micro level to what Kanye West is experiencing.


God Bless,

Episode 1 – and so it Begins!

Welcome to Founder’s Podcast!

Today I talk about the top five podcasts that I love to listen to every day. These hosts have influenced my way of thinking, both spiritually and politically.

We get off focus a little on topics such as the new Christian movement, vaccines, alternative news, deep state sell outs, and of course, Donald Trump!

New podcasts every Tuesday and other days as I find time in my schedule. Thanks for listening to the first episode!