Lindsey Graham Gets Sweaty Over Russia “Hack”

Lindsey Graham is getting all weak-kneed over Russia hacking the Democrat Party emails and releasing them before the election. I think it’s funny, but evidently we are about to start a war with the superpower.  First of all, if Podesta is ignorant enough to fall for a fishing scam as one of the Democrat heads,… Continue reading Lindsey Graham Gets Sweaty Over Russia “Hack”

Russian Manchurian Candidates?

As MSM continues to drown in their own tears after the election, fakes news continues to spew out. Did Russia invade our elections and prop up Donald Trump so we could be their strongest ally?  The hypocrisy of both MSM and Obama is astonishing. After trying to overthrow the Israeli leader during their last election,… Continue reading Russian Manchurian Candidates?