“I am a Christian, so I believe in socialized healthcare”

Have you also heard this argument?

I recently heard someone use this argument against me when discussing our opposing views on the government’s role in our healthcare system.

I often find those that believe in socialist policies they use emotional arguments to justify their position. The Bernie Sanders crowd knows this all too well. Bernie and I agree on where problems come from in this country. Government corruption, corruption on Wall Street, etc. But the answer that he has is greater and bigger government. How do you fix the problem by increasing it?

Using this argument to justify your view for a socialized healthcare system is extremely irresponsible and narrow-minded. This view can also be dissected in one simple question.

What about when government healthcare covers procedures that go against your Christian principles?

Take the recent uproar of transgenders in the military. Common sense tells me that I do not care who protects our freedoms abroad, whether you are a male, female, or whatever you want to identify as.

Having said that, I also do not think that it is okay for the government to cover sex-change operations while you are enlisted in the armed forces. If you have deep psychological problems and decide that you need to change your gender, you should not be defending our freedoms. I don’t think that we should be also paying for the operation and transition. If you feel that it is that important, pay for it yourself.

I also do not understand the argument for socialized healthcare as a Christian when it comes to abortion. If you believe in life at conception, or against abortion, I feel that it is common sense to also be against socialized healthcare when you would have to help cover the cost of abortion.

There are very few opinions that bother me as much as this one. I even have great respect for those that believe in socialism or other social issues that I disagree with if they bring well thought arguments to the table. When someone uses a narrow-minded view to argue their point, that is when I become enraged.

Feel free to leave your thoughts on this argument down below.

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