Robotics and our Future of a Global Government

Brief Overview

  • Brain stem microchip technology coming from NeuraLink, Kernel.
  • Elon Musk and Bryan Johnson racing to brain microchip technology.
  • The push for universal basic income
  • One world government?

Automation is both terrifying and exciting at the same time. Automated vehicles, smart television, and the smart phone have revolutionized and changed the course of humanity. Advances in medicine and disease treatments have helped lengthen our time here on Earth, but how will our lives look in thirty years?

Self driving semi trucks have started becoming more prevalent. What happens if this technology becomes affordable and is proven to be safe for use on our public highways?

NeuraLink, Kernel, Facebook

Brain stem microchips may help you be more connected to technology, but at what cost?

Brain stem microchips might sound far-fetched, but it is closer to reality when you listen to Elon Musk.

Elon Musk is the face of this technological revolution. The leader of Tesla and Space X, Musk is touted as this generations Edison. His newest company, NeuraLink, promises to allow you to have access to human-to-human telepathy through a microchip in your brain. His time frame for this completion? 8 to 10 years.

Musk might be facing stiff competition on his race to brain stem microchips. Kernel, a company founded by Bryan Johnson, is trying to advance this technology for those with neurological diseases. This technology will theoretically change the brain chemistry in sick patients to restore brain functions that were previously lost.

What is next?

Bryan Johnson 2.jpgBryan Johnson was the subject of an interview with Wired Magazine. To read this article in its entirety, click here.

Like Elon Musk, Bryan seems to be afraid of the artificial intelligence we have created. Musk has been on record questioning our race for AI and what might happen if we allow AI to become too intelligent.

Bryan questioned what happens in 50, 60, or 100 years from now with AI and his caution against it taking over. His pursuit for this brain stem technology is to unleash the power of our brain to compete with the increasing intelligence of AI.

The intentions of Musk and Johnson are positive and I believe that they have the best interest of the population at heart. But what happens if, and when, this technology falls into the hands of those with different intentions. There is one part of the interview that peaked my interest and rather worried me.

You’ve said that one thing that might be beneficial for humanity would be to alter our brains to do more positive things. Like not going to war — would our brains be restructured to reduce hostility?

All of those become options. I want that to become an option.

What troubles me with this is that he is expecting us to be able to rewrite brain chemistry and alter basic human thoughts and feelings. War and conflict have both been woven in our history as a species for thousands of years. It first started as tribal conflicts, then moved to conquering, and now wars based on special interests.

The thought of him being able to write this out of our brain chemistry is ignorantly positive. I call it this because although this would be a great thing in thought, the idea that this technology would be used to stop war is not likely. The military industrial complex has taken good intentions and morphed them into fighting assets for decades now, and this technology will be the next best thing for them.

We have heard the various reports and read the articles on research being done for the development of super-soldiers. Imagine if you could alter brain chemistry to enhance the soldier, allowing them to not feel pain or remorse or guilt for their actions on the battlefield. You can create an entire army that has no morals or values to hold them back.

AI Re-writing Source Code

Robotic technology has taken yet another leap with the machines being able to learn and adapt their technology to what they have learned. They do this be re-writing their own source coding. An example of this is autonomous vehicle technology. This technology has pre-written algorithms woven within and can continuously learn and adapt everytime they are driven.

Good technology? Safe technology? We are not so sure.

This technology seems rather safe when it comes to the tools that we use. For example, new handheld technology is being developed so we theoretically will not have to sell our data to big companies to allow smarter advertising. The tablets will be able to learn our habits and plan accordingly for the advertising.

On the surface this technology would be harmless. But the thought of my data being stored in some huge database for advertising purposes is troubling. For once I would like to enjoy surfing the web without ads being thrown at me on every website. Once upon a time these ads were random, but now all of our search history is seemingly used against us in this consumerism culture.

This technology can also be rather troubling once we start really developing AI that can do more harm than good if it learns and re-writes enough source coding. Home robots or even self-driving cars that are super advanced could in theory be used against our own good. What if someone hacks into our systems? Our car could just drive off the road and our home robot could be used against us. We can already hack into webcams, cellular phones, bank accounts, and social media platforms.

What happens when we rely on robotic technology enough that it would have the ability to physically harm us if hacked in to?

Universal Basic Income

universalWith all of this rapid robotics and automation technology comes the imminent collapse of entry level jobs. Wendy’s, McDonald’s, and White Castle have all started opening restaurants with automated teller-systems that take the place of cashiers. This allows them to lower their wage expense and employee count dramatically. These machines are costly at first, but as with any machine, they do not call in sick or complain about their hours. A machine just simply works.

Those in Silicon Valley have been pushing this thought of a universal basic income to combat the rising automation and depletion of jobs. Even in coal country they are feeling the affects of rising technology in mining.

Elon Musk has also stated that he does not see any future that does not involve this income concept.

“I think ultimately we will have to have some kind of universal basic income, I don’t think we are going to have a choice,” Musk had stated during the World Government Summit.

This income experiment has even caught traction with Libertarians as they would replace all welfare and handout programs when this would be enacted. This is rather surprising because I thought being Libertarian was no government intervention? Oh well, have to stay relevant somehow I guess.

My Thoughts

This push for AI technology has always been somewhat of a fantasy until recent years. One of my favorite movies, iRobot, fantasizes the world run by machines in the future. At the time this seemed like a wild fantasy, but I believe this future is closer than we once thought. With robots being able to think and learn, what is next? It will only be a matter of time before we have gone too far with robotic technology.

This technology has also seeped into the private sector. It is also only a matter of time until semi-trailers will be completely automated. The demand for more consumerism has pushed us to the limit with procurement and mail delivery. Imagine a world where mass transit would not be held back from people having to sleep and take time off from driving everyday. Semi-trailers would be moving 24/7 with mass cargo.

This would also bankrupt us to a point where we would no longer be able to find jobs for an entire segment of our working population. The backbone of our economy is built on these drivers and without them having jobs in the next five or ten years, our economy will certainly crash.

This brings me to my next point. The push for a universal basic income will become more and more prevalent in society. Shoot, even with the Libertarians on board now it seems like it is only a matter of time until this becomes a reality.

If this robotic automation technology expands across the globe in all of the developed world, the economic crash will be worldwide. The global governments will come together and become one. Don’t believe me? Look at the push from Silicon Valley and Washington D.C. already. Hilary Clinton would of further pushed this agenda. Even segments of the GOP want this as well.

The furthering of this technology is very troubling. Although it is very interesting to study and learn from, the results of this technology will be very detrimental to our overall well-being. People are too caught up in the “ooo” and “aww” of robotics and do not take a logical approach to what it will become.

I will always stand against increasing government and a universal basic income. The growth of government will always be a bad thing, but we have yet to realize it. When will we? I believe it will be when we are far too deep into government to ever get back out.

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