Personal Politcial Evolutions. It’s Okay to Change.

While taking my dog on our daily drive through Pickerington, Ohio, I started to think about how different political talk radio is compared to sports talk radio. I thought of my favorite sports talk hosts Clay Travis and Colin Cowherd and how they dissect the current events surrounding American sports. Then I started to think about all of the political commentators and radio hosts out there and the vast differences between them. In sports, one rarely has a bias because it is really difficult to survive in that realm with one. In politics, you are required to have a bias. We listen to Rush and Bill Maher for the same reason: to tickle our bias and own belief. 

Rarely do we ever venture outside of our own political or religious realm, afraid of differing opinions. I saw this come to fruition last night as I finished up my blog posting and watched the highlights of Real Time and their guest Tomi Lahren. Lahren has previously been on Comedy Central with Trevor Noah, but before that had never really ventured outside of her political bubble. I don’t give that as much of a criticism because we all have been a victim of this.

I listen to my sports radio hosts to hear entertaining and thought-provoking takes on the events of the day. Listening to the colorful remarks regarding LeBron James this week have been anything but yawn-inducing. 

Do we listen to political talk radio for the same thing? Sure, our conservative talk shows each bring a different plate to the potluck, but in an overall realm we get the same information from each show. They just decide to use a different tone in each one. One might be more strong on an opinion, but you are still getting the same opinion. 

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a political talk show where the host just commentates on what’s going on in Washington or local politics? Imagine if someone just played a clip of Trump or Schumer and dissected what their own personal motivations were without diving into the black hole of policy. Would that be a successful endeavor?

My point is this. 

I think it is perfectly healthy to evolve in your political beliefs. I personally also think we tend to take policy points too seriously as they continuously change every election cycle. What Ted Strickland enacted as governor in Ohio is old history compared to what it is like in Ohio now with John Kasich. Policies that Strickland enacted have no bearing on how Kasich governs today. Policies change, so how often do our beliefs? 

I say this as well because it seems that we have taken a 180• as a political party under Trump. Free trade is no longer a strong belief under the Republican Party, along with social issues. I find social issues to be one issue that the GOP lacked for a long time and they were basically waiting for gay marriage to go through without their consent so they could just say, “Well that’s the law, no sense in fighting it”. 

We have also decided to think that executive orders are a good thing all of a sudden. Instead of fighting for limited government, we have decided to get the democrats back for eight years of Obama! One could also make a strong argument that we wanted Obama in for eight years with pathetic candidates like McCain and Romney, but that’s not important now. The important thing is that the GOP is out for blood! But where is the reason? 

Is this an efficient way to mend the country back together? Soros is single handily destroying race and political relations with each riot he invests in. Divide and conquer will never be an outdated military strategy. 

With all of these conservative evolutions, I find the future of the party in murky water. With electing Trump and his trade policies, he has put every Republican politician on notice to get in line or face punishment. Everything these politicians have believed in is now in ruin, along with a stable party leadership. If Speaker Ryan steps out of line, Trump will unleash Hell until he falls in line. Is this the way the Republican Party envisioned themselves? 

I have evolved as well, but not as much as my favorite YouTube host Dave Rubin. If you have not stumbled upon his YouTube channel, I highly recommend it. Just search “The Rubin Report” and you will be entertained for hours. A reformed man, Rubin was once on The Young Turks show before launching his own channel. Dave was also a staunch Progressive before coming back to Earth to become a “Classical Liberal”, which is a fancy term for an intelligent Libertarian. I find myself agreeing with the host on a multitude of issues, which is maybe why I enjoy the show. 

I think he is one of the best interviewers in the game. He can have you and the guest entertained throughout the whole interview, laughing and talking along as they conduct their interview for the channel. 

If he can evolve, so can yourself. I started to take a pretty liberal view on drugs and social issues. Still a pro lifer, so don’t automatically assume I meant that when I said liberal social views. I want regulations and the federal spending to be reigned in, along with the deficit, but I have low expectations of that with Trump. 

The beautiful thing about our country is that we have the ability to openly evolve politically. We have the ability to peacefully protest the government without punishment, which is very rare on a global perspective. We have many blessing in this country which allow us to pretty much live however we want to. 

I also think the bulk of America would fall into the realm of classical liberalism. I hardly ever meet someone that is happy the government can spy on you and tax you until you have nothing left. I also have never met someone that stated that the government should have control over how you live or what you smoke. 

With the help of YouTube personalities like Rubin, I think we can mend torn fences and broken bridges that were enacted in 2016. Let’s come together as a country and move forward. Together, we can!

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