Trump the next President, but we only have one true Leader.

Derek Carr on election:

There is no loss of emotion leading into the inauguration tomorrow at noon in Washington D.C. The end of an era and eight years of Barrack Obama. Elected in 2008 above McCain and reelected in 2012 over Romney, Obama has had both highs and lows during his Presidency. Leaving the office after eight years can leave some discomfort in the minds of his greatest supporters. 

2009 Armed Forces Inaugural Committee

The feeling of discomfort among his supporters could have been suppressed however, if Hillary Clinton would have won the nomination to be the 45th President of the United States of America and the first female to hold the position. Things did not go as planned, however, and Trump won the nomination. Focusing on the electoral college, Trump managed to lose the popular vote and dominate in the electoral college race. The race that truly mattered. Most people stated that this harmed our “democracy”, even though it is clear that we live in a constitutional republic. The founders formed our government this way as they were afraid of the popular majority leading the country into demise later in the life of the nation.

2011 -- Presidential Bracket

Many people on the right are excited for the Trump presidency, to “right” the wrongs that were enacted by President Obama. Although Obama has tried to keep this a peaceful transition of power, both sides are skeptical of the transition and just how well it will go. In no other time in recent memory has an election been so scrutinized. Obama was a very dynamic President, being on social media and hit late night comedy shows, along with appearances on the sports network ESPN.


The power of the President has been ever increasing in recent memory and it is evident that Trump does not plan on slowing down that trend. Obama performed a great amount of executive orders, which Trump has stated he plans on as well. Punishing companies that export work and factories from the United States is one of Trump’s proudest campaign promises and seems to be backing that up with recent actions. With President Obama’s love of power and attacks on the right, the GOP supporters are planning on “payback” with Trump. It’s OUR time to punish!

Do we focus too much on our Presidents? Our government? Do we focus too much on this world? What about being not of this world?

No matter the President, the government size, our budget or circumstance, no leader or power is stronger than the Creator. Our Father in Heaven. Jesus Christ.

I think we often find ourselves forgetting that as Christians we are not called to be of this world. We are called to be followers of Christ.

How well do we do?

Our country is extremely divided. Some say the most divided in history, but history tells us otherwise with the mid 1900s and during the Civil War. I do believe, however, that we are entering a time where we are the furthest from God. God is no longer in our schools, in our workplace, in the public, and even in our homes. God is away from our Sunday mornings, time before dinner, and we no longer regularly study His word.

It is also evident that our popular culture has strayed away from our Father as well. Is it Hollywood’s fault, or is it our own? Are we the ones to blame for what Hollywood does?

The answer is yes. We are responsible for Obama and Trump. We are responsible for what all has happened in the United States, but that is often hard to recognize and face. It is hard to look in the mirror, to acknowledge the plank in our own eye before recognizing the splinter in our friend’s eye.

How much have we prayed for President Trump? How much would we have prayed for Hillary Clinton if she would have been elected to the Presidency? How often did we really pray for President Obama verses how much we prayed for him to fail?


No matter who our President is now or later, we still have one true Leader. That is Jesus Christ. No matter how bad our economy gets, the promises that we have for the afterlife is what we should be focused on. The love we receive from our Father outweighs all of the troubles of this world.

No matter what side of the aisle you are on, Jesus Christ is King. He is the King of kings, the Lord of lords. His love outweighs and outlasts all of the faults of this world. Of this country. 

We are not of this world.


For I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes: first to the Jew, then to the Gentile.


 But our citizenship is in heaven, and from it we await a Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ,

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