When Ad Revenue is not Enough. How Far Are You Willing to go for Conservative Media?


The Daily Wire.

Louder with Crowder.


Mark Levin TV. 

Remember when you could listen to conservative radio with a few ads here and there without having to pay for content? Watching countless YouTube videos with great content from our favorite conservative media icons. My podcast app was filled with countless hours of LWC, Glenn Beck, and Ben Shapiro. 

But what happened? 

Barrack Obama did two things while in office: exploded gun sales and exploded conservative media. Glenn Beck starts his own media company, InfoWars gains massively, and YouTube icons such as Mark Dice increase in subscribers. Obama is great for business! 

During this time I was also turned on to Ben Shapiro and Louder with Crowder. Shapiro has a very articulate way to take down his opponents, intelligently poking holes in their arguments. Crowder has a great way of producing funny clips and animated short films, along with an entertaining radio and YouTube show. 

Signing on with LevinTV, Crowder now wants you to purchase a yearly subscription to gain access to all of LevinTV and has cut down his free podcasts to once a week and has also cut back on his full shows on YouTube. 

Ben Shapiro has also started charging for more access to The Daily Wire, his online media company. 

Glenn Beck has also started to push more for subscription only content. More articles and access to hit shows such as Tomi with Tomi Lahren. TheBlaze also has various shows regarding stories you might not have heard, along with gun shooting competitions. 

My only question is regarding content infestation. Media icons have started holding back certain articles and shows to subscribers only, forcing those of us that would rather not pay having to be left out. “I’ll talk about this tonight on my weekly show”. 

Ads have also become incredibly lucrative. Are the hosts promoting biased articles and segments to help sell ads or products? Super beets. Mattresses. Socks. Safes. Security systems. Home food deivery. Solar energy systems. Supplements. GOLD GOLD GOLD.

When will this stop? Will it ever stop? 

I personally love Outkick the Coverage with Clay Travis, a sports media star with morning radio shows now on FOX SPORTS. He has also stated that he will never charge subscription fees to access his content, which is great for the common man. 

Will greed be the end of conservative media and our favorite stars? The problem I have seen may be a common view among all of you. Whether it is Rush Limbaugh or Ben Shapiro, I just really don’t care enough about each one to pay five or ten dollars a month. I can only take so much Alex Jones or Crowder. I like to have a pool of different media personalities to choose from. 

The Trump presidency will be wildly fun to watch, both watching Trump and the media. With the explosion of blogging and podcasts, it will be interesting of the conservative media can keep up with this thirst of massive cash grabs. When will conservatives stand up against subscriptions fees and say enough is enough?  

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