How to Combat Fake News? Quit Being Ignorant 

According to TheBlaze, Jimmy Gomez, a politician from Los Angeles, hopes to end fake news starting in the school systems. He even presented legislation to change school curriculum so students can learn tools to combat it. Gomez stated:

“These attempts to mislead readers pose a direct threat to our democracy,”

This bill even includes a commission that will determine the news that is fake and the tools students need to use to separate news for information and news for manipulation.

I have a crazy idea for people to combat fake news…

Actually read.

I hear people all the time that have Facebook, “Did you hear this?” “Did you hear that?”. 

People have the attention span of goldfish, which doesn’t help trying to read news. People are literally unable to complete the reading of a news article and just resort to reading the title. And in today’s news cycle, titles are created for and only for click bait. Clicks lead to ad revenue for these companies so they exploit the emotional side of the reader. 

What would happen if people actually read articles? What if they read it from two or three news sources before forming their opinion? What if people got off of social media? 

Gov officials are now chomping at the bit to get ahold of the internet and “combat” fake news with biased commissions and leaders. Understanding and determine what is fake news can be very biased and can be an easy avenue to combat breaking news that compromises themselves or their party. 

Do your homework. Read. Listen. Understand. Maybe you can even stop fake news!

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