Glenn Beck vs Tucker Carlson. Who Won?

Tucker’s first show in Megyn Kelly’s time slot was supposed to be a brawl between the new Fox star and the former star of the conservative news channel. 

Beck’s popularity exploded while his years at Fox News, taking on the establishment. Awkwardly enough, if you happen to listen to Hannity he constantly bashes the “mainstream” and “establishment” media. Isn’t he mainstream? He’s on Fox? But anyway, back to Beck and Tucker. 

One of Tucker’s first questions revolved around Beck and his first attitude towards the “anointing” of Cruz by God. Beck talked about how Cruz was anointed by God himself to run for President. Beck’s answer was rather impressive. 

Paraphrasing here, but Beck stated that he did in fact believe that Cruz was anointed, but that him and Carlson were both also anointed for what they do. I personally agree that all of us have different abilities to fit to where we are supposed to be in our lives. For example, not just anyone can do what Beck does, or what you do as well. God has given each of us different abilities for His plan. 

Carlson continued to take jabs at Beck, but Beck did try and stay away from them the best that he could. He did, however, get rather upset when Carlson brought up his troubling business history with TheBlaze.

I have stated in a previous post that I am a subscriber with TheBlaze and happen to love it. I know that they had previous troubles, but I think they were overplayed from everyone’s bias towards Beck. TheBlaze went through massive layoffs, a complete revamp of their vision, and is currently entangled in a lawsuit with the former CEO Chris Balfe. 

Beck acknowledged all of this, but what a lot of people tend to forget or overlook is his bravery for starting his own media company. What seems to be a bad bet on a cable channel, Beck has changed his focus to an online media source, which he stated in the interview. 

The most interesting part of this interview was the end question when Beck stated that he wouldn’t wish his position on his worst enemy. It’s an understandable position coming from his recent opposition of Trump. The threats and remarks posted on his Facebook and Twitter pages were deplorable and disgusting. You can see how that would change or hurt a person. With that being said, Beck was in fact put in his position for a reason and it will be interesting to see what happens with the conservative superstar.

The thing that Beck has over everyone else is his bravery for starting his own company. Hosts on Fox and MSM can make fun of him for his business woes, but it is a lot better to live a life with chances then to live a comfortable one, stuck in your own safe space.

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