Lindsey Graham Gets Sweaty Over Russia “Hack”

Lindsey Graham is getting all weak-kneed over Russia hacking the Democrat Party emails and releasing them before the election. I think it’s funny, but evidently we are about to start a war with the superpower. 

First of all, if Podesta is ignorant enough to fall for a fishing scam as one of the Democrat heads, he deserves his emails to be leaked. The progressive right and the progressive left that despise Trump are still trying to figure out how Hillary lost and how to delegitimize Trump’s win. Their incompetence in how Hillary ran her campaign and how they continue to follow Nancy Pelosi like lost puppies is very amusing. 

Enter Lindsey Graham.

Don’t know who he is? Remember the awkward Senator running for President that answered every answer with military action? The Senator that joked about killing Ted Cruz? Yeah, that’s him.

In fact, one of the debates he was asked eight questions and he brought up the Middle East or military action seven times. My favorite was when the topic was brought up regarding unemployed citizens and his response was about taking out ISIL. I guess he has a deep love for the military industrial complex?

With the Russia email hacking topic, it is no surprise that Graham wants to see action against Russia. If he happened to be the President elect we would have ground troops in Moscow right now! 

The most incompetent answer he gave, however, was regarding the NSA reboot as an executive order. DO YOU NOT KNOW YOUR BASE? Edward Snowden brought out the corruption of the NSA and its overreach, which led to an overhaul and great pressure from the right. The thought of pushing for a revamp of the agency is very odd. 

Graham continuously talked about how troubling and disturbing it is that Trump trusts Assange over our intelligence community. Graham also talked about how Assange is no friend of the United States or democracy. The issue with that thought, however, is that Assange is not a friend to any government. He gets leaked info. He releases it. He pisses people off. He gets threatened to be struck with a drone. 

That’s his life. Of course you dislike him, you are a politician! Much like Snowden who is only reviled by our politicians, Assange is a man for the common man. I just enjoy watching politicians get their panties in a bunch. 

In fact, it seems like Graham loves to get his in a bunch. Anytime he can express his obsession and deep love for war he takes his chance. Just imagine his EHarmony account profile. “Third term Senator. Must love War. Must love military industrial complex”

Here’s his profile picture:

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