Policies Aside, Isn’t There a Beauty in Being Left Alone?

Whenever I bring up my love and passion for limited, small government, I automatically get two arguments. The first comes from the left in realm regarding healthcare. But limited government would eliminate Obamacare, are you against pre-existing condition coverage?! And the second from the right regards social issues. How can you be a Christian and for abortion and gay marriage?!

I believe in being left alone. 

There is a beauty in freedom, a freedom our founders wanted. 

Do you think that our founders foresaw a federal government as large as ours? A tax rate as high as ours? The taxes argument comes up every four years and every four years the left argues about the elites tax rate, complaining they get off easy. Isn’t everyone’s tax rate too high? Where is the argument for that? 

Both sides continue to increase taxes and regulations. Taxes strangle the working man while regulations strangle small business. To lower both is to increase freedom. 

I think our country has hit a point where we have given up trying to be free. We focus on the next football game, the next iPhone release or what’s trending on social media. Allowing our phone or computer full access to our debit and credit card numbers, along with being able to store massive amounts of data for ease overpowers the thought of being “unplugged”. Consumerism and consumption have destroyed our country and our fellow citizens as a whole. 

Imagine a life focused on bettering ourselves through hard work and discipline. The focus to be better and happier for others around us. 

The true freedom and fight to be left alone begins within ourselves. A passion for freedom can bleed into society and change our culture as a whole.

Federal government subsidies and handouts are a strong addiction and they are meant to be that way. You are meant to rely on the government. A passion and drive for freedom is what the government despises, no matter what side of the aisle. 

BLM is a despised movement on the conservative side. It has been shown that the leadership of BLM believe in nothing close to free market capitalism or freedom, but there is one view from the vast amount of supporters that we can agree on: The overreach of the police state. 

So what happens when we try and come together to fight against the federal government overreach? You get publically humiliated. I think the world almost ended when Beck even hinted at the thought of understanding and liking BLM. Can we find freedom when we shame each other for trying to meet in the middle? 

There is a beauty in freedom. There is a beauty in being left alone. Freedom and liberty can bring us together, we just have to let it flourish. 

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