Megan Kelly Creates Seismic Shift. Who Replaces Her?

Fox News has enjoyed the recent years of success, completely destroying CNN, ABC, NBC, and MSNBC in ratings. Fox has had great success with the likes of Megyn Kelly, The Five, O’Reilly, and Hannity. 

Although Megyn Kelly has plenty of haters in the Fox News audience, she knew how to draw the ratings and it will be interesting to see who she goes up against in a time slot. I can assume that it will be directly against either of the two titans left at Fox, who she has had scuffles with in the past. The most notable feud was with Hannity who took shots back and forth on Twitter.

During her first years with the network, Kelly was a staunch Republican voice. In recent years after gaining great notoriety, Kelly decided to show her true colors and to become a moderate television host. Was this a ploy to cozy up to the other networks while she was contract shopping? With the promises of three different shows with NBC, it shows Kelly’s intense want to be on air and NBC’s desperation to become relevant after Brian Williams embarrassed the network.

It was reported that Fox News offered her the $20M that she asked for per year, but speculators are claiming that Kelly took a pay cut to go over to NBC in exchange for more air time and a flexible schedule. Although it is hard to say, I personally believe that she is leaving more to give a middle finger to Fox. Although she had success at Fox it will be interesting to see if she can draw the same numbers. Katie Couric once was also on top of the television world and we all see how that turned out when she penned a deal for $15M per year. Will Kelly have the same fate?

Enter Tomi Lahren.

Rumors have started to swirl among independent media on who will replace the media titan. There is a sleu of new conservative women that have stormed into the scene in recent years. The hottest name in women’s conservative media is Tomi Lahren of The Blaze. Beck’s diamond in the rough find has proven to be a great find for the conservative icon, but is she out growing the smaller network? Can The Blaze even pay Tomi what she is worth on the open market?

Tomi has stayed mainly in her conservative safe space since starting at the network. However, it seems as if she has taken a Kelly route with the moderates and took a seat with Trevor Noah. That move spoke to me in the sense that she is testing the waters at other networks and getting to know other producers. Will that be the final nail in the coffin for Beck’s seemingly dwindling empire? 

I happen to be a subscriber at The Blaze and enjoy their content. They have a Drudge-style article layout and interesting content starred by Beck. Tomi also hosts a nightly show, along with Buck Sexton hosting an entertaining radio show. Pat and Stu have always been a great show, especially before the Trump train tried to derail the Beck groupies. 

Tomi has been a great find for Beck, but where there is smoke there is usually fire. Is Tomi going to leave for Fox if the offer is on the table? What happens to Beck? Kelly has shaken up the conservative news media and it will be interesting to see where the dominos may fall. 

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