The Heroic SJW Movement Strikes Again!

There have been a sleu of Hillary supporters stating that they will never be apart of any Trump business or perform for him at the inauguration. The most notable of these are the Rockettes, who have some dancers refusing to dance at the Presidential inauguration. Some even gave their brave, heroic SJW speeches with tears in their eyes. Oh, the passion.

There was even the Honolulu cafe that stated they would even quit serving to people that voted for Trump. Our heroic leaders of social change and hypocrisy are at it again! 

Remember when the left almost started a Civil War over Chikfila’s CEO stating he was against homosexual marriage? Or when the family baker refused to bake a cake for the homosexual wedding ceremony? Can you imagine if the progressive left were the ones that believed in the second amendment? Riots in the streets! 

I always laugh when it comes to the left and their utter hypocrisy. First, they decide to attack the Christian Right for standing up for their religious beliefs, and turn around and do it on their end! Some people find this extremely infuriating, which to some degree it is, but I am just not surprised anymore by the progressives. I stand up for my Christian faith and the progressive does to. The difference is, however, that the government is their almighty power. 

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