Why Will God Be Out of Our Government? Reflection on Christmas Morning

As I wake up waiting for my wife to wake up as well so we can celebrate our second Christmas together, I have begun to reflect on our nation and our momentum towards a Godless society.

The separation of church and state has been a strong topic for quite some time. Since Trump is a populist, it is unlikely that he will take steps to remove God from our government. If Hillary would have been elected, the push for a Godless government would have escalated tremendously since the Democrat party is the one pushing for it. 

The push for a Godless society is both sad and expected. Wealthy nations have always had a tendency to move away from God and their trust in Jesus Christ when the economy is healthy. 

According to the latest Harris poll, 68% of Americans believe in Jesus Christ and 65% believe in the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The resurrection belief is key to the Christian faith. The belief that God sent His Son to die and be resurrected for us is the key belief for our faith. Both percentage points were down since the last poll.

The movement towards a sinful and Godless nation has also steadily been increasing. Older generations say how bad the millennials are, and I agree, but I don’t think it is to the extent they believe. I think social media highlights and heightens the exposure we have and thus makes our generation look worse than it actually is. Nonetheless, my millennial generation still sucks.

Out of the 65% of those that believed in the resurrection, how many live their lives for Christ and being a good Christian? A 65 to 68 percent of a nation believing in Christ and being a Christian should give us a majority to make major policy changes. 

The truth is, the easier life is, the easier it is to move away from trusting God. Plus, I think people on the right are mostly to blame. With a Senate and House majority, we were unable to pass conservative legislation that would have reflected our faith. With a majority in the House, Senate, and Trump as President, I am still pessimistic based on this one thing: we love to complain and not do anything about it, because we love to complain. 

“I can’t believe they want to take the Ten Commandments from the courtroom”. 

“Where is God in our public school system”. 

But where is God in our own lives? Do we pray before meals, or talk to God during the day? Do we thank him for what he has provided? No, not as a majority anyway. If we want God back in our federal government and state run schools, God needs to be back in our homes. 

This life is a temporary one. As bad as it may get, we need to still focus on eternity. 

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