“Drain the Swamp” or Drain the Policies?

Trump rallies across America, both post and pre election were filled with chants and rally cries. The two most notable were, “lock her up” and “drain the swamp”. 

Trump supporters were disappointed to find out that he was not going to pursue charges against Secretary Clinton once he took office in January. This was either thought to be a move to lessen the disapproval from the left post election, or some on the right were predicting Trump was making a bed with the establishment. Either way, if you take him by his word, this move was rather surprising and surely raised some eyebrows, especially since he promised to pursue charges.

Newt Gingerich came out earlier this week stating that Trump is dumping the phrase “drain the swamp”. Is this because it is a dumb phrase in his eyes? Or does he wish to bring in the political elite ruling class? According to Newt, Trump has never liked the phrase, but when it stuck at one of his rallies he decided to continue to push it due to its popularity. 

With big business and financial appointments to his cabinet positions and seemingly flopping on two of his biggest phrases from the campaign, one can easily become nervous with Trump. Although a better shot at restoring liberty than Hillary Clinton, that argument of “well, he’s better” will be short lived. Trump will be expected to produce results. Only time will tell if we made the right decision in electing Donald Trump. For our country’s sake, we all should be rooting him on.

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