The Man I Saw at Arlington

Our first full day visiting Washington D.C. happened to also be the same day Wreaths Across America was scheduled to lay wreaths on each gravestone at Arlington. Knowing this, my wife and I decided to wait to visit the cemetery until later that afternoon due to the traffic we anticipated in the morning during the ceremony. They were scheduled to lay the wreaths at 10a.m. and then lay the final wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at noon. It turned out to be such a great decision to visit Arlington that day.


We could not have picked a better day, for many reasons.


First, the weather for the middle of December could not have been better. Throughout the day, the forecast was showing increasing temperatures and a lower percentage chance of precipitation. For such an amazing charity event to land on such a day was truly a blessing.


I remember being so amazed at the amount of wreaths laid at the gravesite. My wife and I walked around the whole cemetery, looking at the various graves and imagining their life stories. The one man that struck me was one that was from the USCT, or the “United States Colored Troops”. There are so many heroes in that cemetery that risked and ultimately gave their lives for this country that we all love.


While we were leaving the cemetery my wife stopped in the middle of the walkway, making people dodge around her and give her “the look”. I asked her what she was actually doing and she motioned me over to the left, and there he was. An older gentlemen, a veteran. He was going to each and every grave, giving a little statement to each one and saluting them before moving on to the next. He was doing this to every grave.


My wife cried, and I stood in astonishment. With the news media focusing on all of the hatred and rogue electoral college members, we need to focus on the patriotic side of our citizens. Our government might have done things in our past that is unspeakable, and may continue to do so, but we all live for the Constitution. Each soldier in our armed forces lives for the Constitution and holding it at the highest honor. The media may look to spin stories to boost ratings, but there is a level of patriotism within this country that they can never take away. This man is a true hero. Men like him make me proud to live in the United State of America.

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