The Revelation I had Visiting the White House

My wife decided to surprise me with a trip to Washington DC for my birthday this weekend. My excitement for the trip has been building for weeks and I could hardly sleep last night, tossing and turning with the thoughts of what we would see and visit.

Our first stop was the Capitol, winding ourselves through history in each hallway. The marble floors left us speechless, looking up into the rotunda took our breath away. The thought of the amount of time it took the architects and the history the building has witnessed is enough for any patriot of any age to be proud. The flowing of democracy weaved in and out of the two hundred year old halls. We visited the first Senate and House floors, imagining what it must have been like when the country was still in the beginning stages as the politicians argued what steps we would have to make and determine the fate of future generations.

After dinner we headed to the White House to get a quick glimpse before we explore more of the National Mall tomorrow during the day. My wife has a very found view of Trump, one that I do not share. I am happy to see Hillary not be the President elect, but I am skeptical of how Trump will use his power as President. Nonetheless, he is our President and we should give him the respect and trust to do the right thing and abide by the Constitution. 

We began to discuss and wonder if Obama had happened to be in the White House while we were there tonight and it hit me. The Constitution, Declaration of Independence, and the Bill of Rights supersedes any President that holds that high office. It would have superseded and outlasted even the worst of Clinton and best of Trump. It will outlast the next President, but only if we hold them accountable and put the Constitution above any talking point.

Liberty is a beautiful and fragile flower. Treat it right and it will blossom, but take away the sun or water and it will surely wilt, unable to bring it back to what it once was. 

This country, I believe, has the fingerprints of an anointed nation from Christ himself. The way we were founded, founded on personal freedoms, able to live how we want. We have had growing pains and unspeakable moments, but our resilience to better ourselves and this nation will pull us through and allow us to progress to future heights. Our pursuit for liberty must be fearless, much like that of the founding fathers.  

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