Russian Manchurian Candidates?

As MSM continues to drown in their own tears after the election, fakes news continues to spew out. Did Russia invade our elections and prop up Donald Trump so we could be their strongest ally? 

The hypocrisy of both MSM and Obama is astonishing. After trying to overthrow the Israeli leader during their last election, artificially propping up foreign leaders in the Middle East, and rigging the Democratic primary so Bernie Sanders would lose, the American left is out of arguments. To any rational human being, this hipocrisy is obvious. To MSM, this hipocrisy does not exist.  

If Russia did in fact hack into our elections, it is both an international crime and an embarrassment. Allowing a foreign body to influence the voting of our election is something to be very embarrassed of on a global scale, something the media decides not to talk about. 

The other troubling part of this whole topic is that of foreign relations. For example, if the left succeeds in overthrowing Trump by making him get less than 269 electoral votes and persuades the House to vote for Hillary, it could mean a devastating nail in the coffin with relations with Russia. The thought of overthrowing Trump to win and allow Hillary and the Obama machine to wage a war with Russia over these accusations is a scary thing to imagine.

Per TheBlaze:

Comey added that the FBI had already been on the lookout for Russian interference in the U.S. presidential election for the past year, and that the connection between the Russian government and the email hacking was still an “open question.” In fact, Comey said it was equally as likely that the email hackers had no connections to Russian government whatsoever.

With the FBI and CIA at odds on who is responsible – or if there is even any foreign body interference – it begs to question what would happen to the left when it comes out Russia is not involved.

I also have to ask if Putin told Hillary Clinton to not campaign in Wisconsin, or to call Trump supporters deplorable. I also have to wonder if he told her to take the last two weeks of the campaign off, instead of doing three events a day like Trump. Did he tell her to continuously use the sexist card, stating that you have to vote for her if you are a women so she can “break through the glass ceiling”. I bet he even told her to blast Trump for what he says about women and then campaign with rappers that would make Trump’s speech look like child’s play. 

Did Russia influence the election in massive swing states or is the left unable to come to terms with the reality that Clinton lost? Either way, we are thoroughly enjoying the left become unglued.  

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