Why is it Always a Prius?

You’re cruising to work, going 75mph in the fast lane on a 65mph highway minding your own business and listening to the morning radio show while passing all of the traffic in the slower lanes. You think to yourself with a grin, “Everyone in the fast lane has the same understanding about speed”. And then there’s the damn Prius, cruising along going 65mph, giving no thought to the people behind them. You drive close, maybe even flip me the bird, but no budge.
Why is it always the Prius?

The vile car that started out as an abomination to auto makers has turned into a somewhat sporty vehicle, tempting even the most manly city man into maybe turning in his man card to purchase it.
But the Prius owners…

Each vehicle model seems to have its own cult following. I always see civics with the tapered wheels and some ridiculous spoiler. S10 owners seem to always have it lowered to the ground, insulting truck owners everywhere. Jeep drivers have the signature Jeep wave.
The Prius owners always need a million bumper stickers to shove their political views in your face. That freaking eARTh sticker. As if owning a Prius didn’t show everyone already how obsessed you are with “saving the environment”. The Prius owner always needs to go slow in the fast lane.
If you see a Prius in your local fast lane, you know it’s a SJW headed to a protest.

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