As Trump Soars, World Looks Towards Germany and Canada to Save Liberalism

Ah, Germany and Canada, the worlds last hope for sustained liberal policies. Joe Biden visited our little brother up north and praised the leader and his liberal, one world government policies. Justin Trudeau and Angela Merkel (Germany) are the last hope for the liberal leaders of the world, but are their policies actually working?
Thankfully, Trump’s new EPA leader looks to be one that is much of a climate change skeptic and it looks promising to be taken out of the Paris Climate Accord. With a carbon tax threatening more of our individual freedoms, it looks as if the Trump nomination will at least hold off on that tax for some time. As Trump looks to expand the federal government and police state, at least there is something we can be excited about.
Liberal policies in these countries can be rather complicated to dive into. Many millennials my age are looking at these countries as some sort of revolutionary bodies. Germany, for immigration. Canada, for the federal government. Trudeau is praised for his feminist views and even appointed an even amount of women to his leadership, thus showing his love for the feminist movement. 
The question remains, however, would these policies be even possible if it wasn’t for their relations with neighboring countries? Imagine what would happen to Canada if we were not allies, or if Germany was not in the EU. Take defense spending, for example. How much does Canada have to worry about defense spending when we are their next door neighbor? They can focus that part of the budget on other things, along with Germany. Germany also has the history of Hitler, which I personally believe is why they are so lax on immigration. 
Sure these governments are more complex and liberal policies on this scale should be talked about in more complex terms, but I believe if the United States stands for personal liberty, these countries will follow. There has already been a Trump effect across the world, with more countries taking a populist view on their political nominations. Personal liberty has taken a back seat, and I fear that it might be put on hold with a more populist movement sweeping throughout the world. With Merkel up for re election next year, it is going to be very interesting to watch what happens. Could we see a Trump ally take the nomination?

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