I Try To Dislike Glenn Beck, But I Keep Failing

In the world of political correctness and a growing federal government, sprinkled in with the 2016 election, our country faces a unique crossroads. Do we surrender to the state or continue to push for personal freedoms?

2016 brought four disastrous candidates for the presidency. A known crook in Clinton, a wildcard in Trump, and two incompetents in Stein and Johnson. The phrase “What is Aleppo?” will forever be engrained in my memory. The countless hours of YouTube videos watching Shapiro and Milo interact with college students were a great joy … at first. 

I have found myself disgruntled and saddened by the nature in which our side of the aisle has treated itself more than anything. Sides have been drawn and friendships have forever been destroyed due to the nomination of Donald Trump. Libertarian conservatives have found themselves perplexed and disgusted to vote for Trump, but hey, worse than Clinton, right?

The Republican establishment have only themselves to blame for Trump. Countless years of begging for votes, begging to take the House and Senate — So they can change Obama! So they can stop his Obamacare! Vote us in, give us more money! 

But what happened? Federal spending continued, common core stayed, and what happened to abortion? Sure, we voted our “conscience”. Where did that get us? Is Obama to blame for the last eight years, or is it our own side? 

I have found two results of our current culture. Whiny, feminine SJW trolling our campuses, and the rise of the arrogant right in Milo, Hannity, Coulter, Lahren, and Shapiro. No longer have we tried to convince the other side to believe in smaller, less intrusive government, but we have decided to stomp their faces in victory.

We tune in to hours of Fox News, cackling in the victory as we watch Hannity smear the left and Clinton. My YouTube history is filled with the likes of Milo, D’Souza, Shapiro, and Alex Jones.

My childhood was spent tuning in to Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh, imagining myself meeting my idols and role models one day. As they painted the picture of Bush and Obama, the federal reserve, and the rise of the UN, I thought I was the most knowledgeable kid on the block. Gone were the days of being unknowledgable among my peers — I was intelligent! 

But something changed after 2012. Gone was the kindness among the right. We became a pack of wolves fighting over the last of the kill. A Romney loss devastated the establishment and left the rest of us in scrambles. There started the hunt for a 2016 candidate. 

We constantly debated among the vast array of great candidates, but we were all afraid of Jeb Bush getting the crown. Petrified of any politician, this left a fast lane open for the likes of a Donald Trump. 

To his credit, Beck constantly warned us that the next brutal leader could come from our own ranks, our own side. He warned us not to become like Germany, where we are so sick and tired that we need a leader to fill our anger and distrust for the elite. –Not comparing Trump to Hitler, but you’ll still say I am– 

We found something to dislike with every candidate, but Trump was the only one to side with our anger and call out who needed it most. Beck decided to side with Ted Cruz. A noble man, one I admire, Cruz was a great choice for Beck to endorse. He poured out his heart — and wallet for him. He later admitted he spent over 500k of his own money to endorse the man. What he spent more on, however, was his reputation, radio ratings, and maybe even his sanity.

Ah, cheetos Beck. This picture has made its rounds on every conservative media site, mocking the popular radio host. In an interview with Rolling Stones, Beck did note that he greatly regretted this moment.

Constant attacks against Beck continued during this campaign, which I participated in. I did not understand why he did not budge with Trump, but maybe one day we will. I have started to see why he did not endorse the man.

 Trump has appointed two Goldman Sachs executives, which he attacked Cruz for having a wife that worked for the bank. He constantly attacked big banks on the campaign trail for being in bed with Clinton, but now he appoints them?
We attacked Beck for interviewing with Samantha Bee, Rolling Stones, and the NYT, but praise Trump for his cabinet appointments? For reaching across the aisle? 
The attacks on Beck continue. I was amazed to listen to Alex Jones attack Beck for him maybe being a closet homosexual and I began to question my attacks and dislike for Beck. I started to remember the Beck that I adored and listened to everyday. The libertarian conservative that we forgot during the campaign. 

Beck hasn’t changed, he just pursues liberty harder than most of us do.  

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